Station #4 Updates

Statement from the Chief

Douglas County Fire Station # 4

As the Fire Chief of Douglas County Fire District #2, it is an honor and a privilege to announce the start of construction for our new Fire Station #4, located at 240 35th Street NW. On June 1, 2020 our general contractor, HB Hansen “broke ground” and began to move dirt for this 13,000 square foot building construction project. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we opted not to have a live groundbreaking ceremony. So, instead we have prepared this Virtual Groundbreaking Ceremony to commemorate this exciting event.

You Made This Dream A Reality: I would like to take a minute to say a few things about the significance of this building project and about our gratitude to the citizens served by Douglas County Fire District #2. In the fall of 2016, you, the citizens living in our fire district, approved a levy lid lift that provided funding for our three top priorities; hiring additional firefighters, purchasing two new fire engines and a ladder truck, and improving our fire station facilities. These enhancements were needed so that we can continue to respond rapidly to meet your needs for fire and EMS assistance.

Long History of Serving Douglas County Residents: Beginning in 1942 Douglas County Fire District #2 began responding to fires utilizing an all-volunteer force of firefighters. In 1998, we enhanced our services further to include responding to medical calls so that we could serve your needs more fully.

This New Station Will Be Staffed with Firefighters: A minimum of 3 full-time Firefighters will be on shift at the new fire station 24/7/365. These firefighters have already been hired (we were fortunate to be able to leverage your financial contribution from the levy, with a federal hiring grant for new firefighters which was valued at just over $1,000,000, our grant writer Michelle Mazzola, was instrumental in securing that grant). Volunteer Firefighters living in the local area will also be responding to calls from this station. Our career and volunteer firefighting/EMT team will ensure a fast and efficient response to simultaneous 9-1-1 calls. In addition, we will house 6 Resident Firefighters in the new station. The Resident program is considered an “incubator” for aspiring fire fighters of all ages to acquire training and guidance to develop their skills. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about becoming a Volunteer or Resident Firefighter, give us a call!

Several Apparatus Will Be Housed in the New Station: We will be staging four distinct pieces of apparatus at the new station. This includes a ladder truck, fire engine, rescue vehicle, and a brush truck. Depending upon the incident type, the firefighters will be able to respond quickly in the appropriate apparatus to enhance call outcomes.
Getting to This Point Has Been a TEAM Effort: I would like to recognize and thank the many individuals and groups who have contributed to the successful launch of this project.

  • First the staff of Douglas County Fire District #2: Suanne Robbins; Asst. Chiefs Cam Phillips, John Glenn and Kurt Blanchard. Captains Mike Soltwisch, and Seth Ellis. Volunteer Lieutenants Kyle Dennis and Mitchell Williams; Fire Fighter Kyle Bowles and the many other firefighters and staff who have assisted us along the way.
  • Board of Fire Commissioners: Bob Black (Retired), Dawn Collings, Rick McBride, and David Fennell
  • Architects: Peter Carletti and Quientin Sutter of Peter Carletti Architects
  • Engineers: Dave Dormier and Jeffrey Sutton of Erlandsen Engineering
  • Attorney: Julie Norton of Ogden Murphy Wallace
  • Grant Writer: Michelle Mazzola of Resource Solutions
  • Douglas County: The Douglas County Board of Commissioners and staff from the Transportation and Land Services Department.
  • Levy Team: All the family, and friends of the Fire District that helped us pass the levy to fund this project.

There was a lot of work to do and I greatly appreciate everyone who pitched in to ensure the successful launch of this project.

In closing, when completed, this project will ensure a quicker response for years to come to the residential area and projected commercial growth in the North end area of four Fire District.

I will keep you updated on construction progress in this exciting new fire station. And you can count on us to invite you to participate in a very grand open house when Douglas County Fire District #2, Fire Station #4 opens for service in June of 2021!

Yours in Fire Safety,

David L. Baker
Fire Chief

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