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Thank you for expressing interest in our fire department.  Before I complete the attached application, I will carefully review the Code of Conduct.  The district operates and manages the department as a customer service business. As a volunteer, resident or paid staff, you will be expected to conduct yourself in a manner that recognizes that we provide members of this community with excellent emergency service.  It is paramount that as a member of this organization, you will deliver this service in a professional, honest, courteous, and timely manner.  Failure to meet these standards will result in being asked to resign.

  • Honesty & Integrity. It is understand that honesty and integrity begins with full disclosure of personal information on an application. This includes full disclosure of work-related experience, past supervisors, and qualifying training.  If a background check proves that false information has been provided, you will be informed not to apply or pursue membership with Douglas County Fire District #2 now or in the future.
  • Respecting Community Members. Volunteering with DCFD2 by its very nature means providing a service to our citizens within the district.  In most cases, services are provided on private property, and as a result, it must be ensured that our personnel are honest, respectful, and professional and interact well with community members.  
  • Working in Teams. Most of the services provided are performed in teams. It is critical that team members work harmoniously under the direction of an officer.  It is believed that team results are greater than individual achievement.
  • Ability to Follow Command. Emergency incidents can be stressful and traumatic.  The public expects its emergency service workers to remain calm, deliver a professional service and provide comfort to those who require it.  You may not agree with directions being given or you might do the task differently, but you will be expected to follow orders in a timely and safe manner without delay, unless it threatens your life directly.
  • Chain of Command. Within the organization, there is a chain of command process followed.  The chain of command process starts by reporting to the station Captain as the first step to resolving problems or conflicts.  If the station Captain is unable to resolve the issue in a timely manner, then the next step in resolving problems or conflicts is reporting to the Battalion Chief, who will expect you to provide specific details including that the initial report was discussed with the station Captain. If the Battalion Chief cannot resolve the problem or conflict, the issue will be reported to the Deputy Chief. If the issue is reported to the Deputy Chief, the Deputy Chief or Fire Chief shall require all involved parties to provide written statements of fact, including statements by witnesses. The Fire Chief will be the final authority.
  • Rumors, hearsay.  These two critical issues can damage an organization’s image and/or morale.  A member who starts, carries, or promotes rumors or hearsay will be asked to resign if facts prove the member is responsible for initiating the rumors or hearsay.
  • Morale, esprit de corps.  You have obviously chosen our fire department for a reason.  We hope it is because you have witnessed our pride and commitment towards our organization.  We do not try to duplicate what other departments do, yet we strive to adopt industry standards while maintaining our uniqueness. If you can’t support our organization and its mission, we ask that you do not apply.
  • Discrimination Policy.  Compliance is required with Douglas County Fire District 2 Discrimination Policy Article 11, Policy 5 in the Policies, Procedures and Operating Guidelines.
  • Probationary period.  Once your application and background check have been verified and cleared, you will start a one year probationary period.  During this period, you will be evaluated on your conduct, participation in all aspects of our organization, and how well you successfully work in a team setting.  If these standards are not met, you will be asked to resign.
I have read, fully understand, and support the Code of Conduct.  I further acknowledge that I may be asked to resign if I do not meet the Organization’s Policies, Procedures, Mission or Code of Conduct.

YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO PROVIDE: Three-year Driver’s Abstract from the Washington State Department of Licensing (there is a $13.00 fee), no appointment is necessary.

The office is located at 325 N. Chelan Avenue, Wenatchee (phone 509-662-5451). Or, you can also go online for the abstract at:

Contact Deputy Chief Rick McBride, the Volunteer and Resident Coordinator at DCFD 2, with any questions or to submit an application.

Deputy Chief Rick McBride, Volunteer and Resident Coordinator
731 N. Wenatchee Avenue, P.O. Box 2106, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone 509-662-4734
Email:  [email protected]

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