Agricultural Burning

Outdoor burning is prohibited in Douglas County from June 1 - October 1; except for recreational fires.

Permits are required for agricultural burning with four exceptions:

  1. Windblown debris
  2. Ditch banks
  3. Annual pruning
  4. Fence Rows

Permit holders are required to follow the daily DOE burn decision and get permission/notify the fire district.

Permits are required for all ground clearing activity and can be conditional.

There are other options to dispose of blight besides burning-contact DOE.

For disease infested trees there is a special permit by the DOE.

Inside Urban Growth Area and Outside the Urban Growth Area. Must be a commercial farm, filing IRS Form-F, and burning of trimmings/pruning, wind-blown organic material, fence rows and irrigation banks/returns. Otherwise, requires a permit from the DOE (WAC 173-430).

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