Douglas County Fire District 2 currently has 4 fire engines to encompass nearly 100 square miles of rural and city response, two of the fire engines operate with Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). The integration of foam operations into fire suppression allows for the surface tension to be broken and the foam to soak into the fuel burning allowing for quicker control and temperature reduction. The fire engines carry 4-6 firefighters and can operate with on spot chains and 4 wheel drive.

•    Engine 1 - Station 1
•    Engine 2 - Station 2 (Pangborn Memorial Airport)
•    Engine 3 - Station 3 (Rock Island)
•    Engine 4 - Reserve

Brush Truck

The fire district currently has 5 brush trucks to respond within our jurisdiction and other neighboring districts. Our fire district has miles of agriculture and timber ranging from wheat lands and orchards to recreations lands and conservation reserve program lands (CRP). Amongst the brush truck fleet at Fire District 2, we have 3 brush trucks which are type 6 apparatus, carrying 200-500 gallons of water for initial attack use. These trucks are 4 wheel drive and class A foam capable. The other two are a type 3 brush truck carrying 1000 gallons of water with an onboard catwalk cage for pump and roll capabilities allowing a firefighter to ride up top and remain in direct communications with the driver. The other is a custom built 2.5-ton tactical brush truck carrying 1000 gallons from the Department of Natural Resources Military Surplus Divison.

•    Brush 1 - Station 1
•    Brush 2 - Station 2 (Pangborn Memorial Airport)
•    Brush 3 - Station 3 (Rock Island)
•    Brush 4 - Station 1
•    Brush 5 - Station 1


Rescue Truck

Fire District 2 currently has one rescue apparatus with another on order to be delivered in the summer of 2018. The rescue apparatus carry’s a small tank of 200 gallons of water and is Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) capable. This apparatus responds to a majority of the fire districts medical responses. It also carry’s some special rescue equipment to include in the districts swift water program, vehicle extrication, and low angle rescues.

•    Rescue 1 - Station 1

Water Tender

Douglas County also has 2 water tenders for rural operations, these apparatus typically respond where hydrants are scarce. The tenders vary in gallonage but can carry 1800-2500 gallons of water. One of the two tenders was acquired from the Department of Natural Resources Military Surplus Division and has been customized by the district and turned into a tactical 5-ton tender and has been an invaluable asset on large fires.

•    Tender 1 - Station 1
•    Tender 2 - Station 1


ARFF Truck

Station 2 is under contract with Pangborn Memorial Airport to provide Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) response on nights and weekends through an onsite resident firefighter program. The airport currently has two ARFF trucks. These trucks carry 1500 Gallons of water, Class B foam and 500 pounds of Purple K dry chemical extinguishing agent.

•    ARFF 1 - Station 2 (Pangborn Memorial Airport)
•    ARFF 2 - Station 2 (Pangborn Memorial Airport)